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    About Zazazu

    90% of working women face a conflict of interest while balancing familial/ personal and professional obligations. 84% of working women have faced stereotypes or judgments around female health conditions such as periods, postpartum syndromes, and menopause.

    Women are taught from a young age to be ashamed of their bodies. We’re conditioned to stay small, look pretty, and have no flaws – and if we do, we must certainly never admit them. This is maybe why so many areas of women’s health – from periods to fertility to menopause – are shrouded in taboo.

    ZaZaZu is here to change that. We unlock the potential of women in your workplace.

    Building Confidence in Competence

    Mastering Executive Presence

    Enhancing Resilience and Well-being

    Interrupting Microaggression and Sexism

    Our experts run workshops helping professional women to better navigate through their challenges in the workplace and at home.

    Our workshop focus on specific self-awareness building in order to get to know yourself and recognize the power behind you, various activities help to identify your relationship with your body & mind, challenge your self-limiting beliefs and build off of them.

    About The Founder

    Jingjin started ZaZaZu in 2020 with the mission to helping one million professional women tackle the unique challenges they face in the workplace and home.

    Throughout Jingjin’s career, she has led global product management teams, managed portfolio turnarounds in MNCs, and successfully established organizations from the ground up across the globe in Germany, China, and Singapore.

    Jingjin Liu - Founder of Zazazu

    Trusted By World-Class Brands

    ZaZaZu is trusted by world-class brands to empower their female workforce, fostering inclusivity and strength across the globe. Join us in making a difference.

    Our customer review

    What Customers Say

    Hear from our satisfied customers who’ve experienced the transformative impact of ZaZaZu on empowering women and driving positive change in their organisations.

    “After attending ZaZaZu’s female empowerment workshop, I was able to share things with my partner and experience pleasures with each other that we would never have thought possible beforehand.”

    Yi Yun

    Customer Relationship Manager, 32

    “I want to tell you and Dr. Angela how much I enjoyed the all-day workshop which you ran. It was very interesting and gave me an entirely new slant on relationships. Your presentations were stimulating and you encouraged people to participate, which they most certainly did.”


    Sales Director. 40

    “The guidance we received over the workshop showed us new perspectives of having the space to learn and explore intimacy was deeply nourishing for our relationship.”


    Assistant to CEO, 28

    “I have enjoyed the course and today has made me aware and created a desire to learn more. To dig a bit deeper. To let go of trying to control and please people.”

    Fei Ling

    MD in Oil Trading, 37

    “I was really surprised how comfortable I felt talking about anything intimate, I learnt so much from the other girls and this was the only one time that the “Homework” was actually fun to do!”


    Art Director. 37

    “I don’t need to find a man to define my value and feel fulfilled , I AM enough!”


    Sales Assistant, 24


    ZaZaZu’s bold workshops break free shame and fear, the great work has been featured in various leading international and local media.

    ZaZaZu’s Work Has Been Featured in Various Leading International & Local Media.

    Check out what medias talk about how ZaZaZu breaks taboo for women and empower women to own intimacy, love and sexuality.

    Empowering Women

    ZaZaZu helps women to better understand their bodies, remove Self-Limiting beliefs and ultimately unleash their true potentials.

    Transforming Women’s Careers & Rise Into Full Potential

    We’re on a mission to support you to lead with confidence, show up as your most authentic self, create intentional wellbeing, and a career and a life you love.


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    About the founder

    Jingjin is the founder and CEO of ZaZaZu, a pioneer corporate education platform with the mission to help 1 million professional women navigate the modern challenges they encounter both in the workplace and at home.

    Throughout Jingjin’s career, she has led global product management teams, managed portfolio turnarounds in MNCs, and she has successfully established organizations from the ground up across the globe in Germany, China, and Singapore.

    Before founding ZaZaZu, Jingjin co-founded ASBO Drives Technology GmbH, a venture that helped farmers in rural areas of China increase crop yield and decrease vehicle downtime through the implementation of modern gearbox technology. This venture was successfully acquired by China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) in 2019.

    Besides her entrepreneurial pursuits, Jingjin made history as the “Triple-Only” in the male-dominated automotive industry – the only Asian, the only Woman, and the only senior director under the age of 35 to assume the position of Global Marketing Director at WABCO, overseeing portfolios valued at up to $800 million. Throughout her tenure, she achieved remarkable revenue growth of over $200 million for WABCO while simultaneously driving $5 million in sales for her venture ASBO Drives.

    Motivated by a profound passion for transforming the professional landscape for women, Jingjin has made her mission to push boundaries, challenge societal norms, and foster an inclusive environment where women can thrive and embody the best version of themselves.