Are Bi Orgasms Best?

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Are Bi Orgasms Best?

A 2019 Journal of Sexual Medicine article reported that Lesbians, for instance, had a significantly higher orgasm rate (75%) than straight women (62%). Bisexual women had the lowest orgasm aka bi orgasm frequency rates of all (58%).

Nichi Hodgson, columnist and author of The Curious History of Dating: from Jane Austen to Tinder, was not surprised at the research results. Writing in The Guardian, she noted that, in her former work as a dominatrix, one of her routine requests was to give men “ruined orgasms.”

Men ordinarily achieved orgasm so effortlessly that having them interrupted by her was a new sensation for them. Women never gave her such requests, since female orgasms were in such short supply.

Bi Orgasms with Men Vs Women

Interestingly enough, Hodgson writes in the article that, although she is bisexual and has experienced orgasms with both males and females, she ranks those achieved with females as decidedly better.

In her words, “The first time I ever had sex with a woman, I remember being overwhelmed – and not in the way I had expected. Over the course of several hours, we had three all-encompassing bi orgasms each and, finally, I understood the significance of our recovery periods (or the lack thereof) to women’s capacity for pleasure.”

Implicit in the rest of the article is that Hodgson was never able to replicate this level of pleasure with men. But neither is she pessimistic about the possibility of straight and bisexual women getting more pleasure from their male partners. Bi orgasms are definitely something to work oBi n.

Part of the solution, she suggests, is for men to be more aware of the need to consciously work toward helping their female partners climax. And this is no chore or special assignment.

As she puts it, “Men – my work both as a domme and sex writer has shown me – actually love to please. But both of us, men and women, too easily accept that it ‘can’t’ happen every time.”

So guys, whether your girl is straight, bi, or something else, be sure to do your bit to make sure she’s getting off as well as you are.

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