Contraception: Condoms Are The Best Future?

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Contraception: Condoms Are The Best Future?

There are a large number of prophylactic choices today, from birth control pills to injections. Unfortunately, the responsibility for using any of these contraception options virtually always falls on us women.

More than a few men seem to hardly think about the importance of safe sex at all, assuming that the woman will have “taken care of it” one way or another before things get hot and heavy in the bedroom. Contraception is the last thing on their minds.

As lifestyle and beauty writer Rebecca Baio articulated in the  August 2018 edition of Glamour, with yet another patriarchal burden dumped on us, this may be the perfect time for the return of the mighty condom; a foolproof contraception method. We recap some of Baio’s ideas from that article below:

Most birth control devices don’t protect against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs):

This includes birth control pills, injections, IUDs, the rhythm method, implants and many others. The need to protect against STIs is especially important in situations where we may not be in a stable relationship with the man. In addition, some of these options create unwanted hormonal side effects for many women. 

So what is the best way for contraception?

Condoms fit the entire bill:

They not only guard against STIs, but prevent pregnancy in about 98% of cases. As long as they are stored, handled, and put on properly, they get everything done. All of this is available at an extremely low cost, with neither any physical side effects nor need to see a doctor.

Oh, and by the way, they don’t take any pleasure away from the ride: some brands are so thin that you literally feel like there’s nothing between you and your guy. Contraception is easy peasy.

Some front-running brands today:

There are a very large number of brands to choose from, but Baio reviews some of the best in her article: 

Get High-Tech

HEX: A very thin brand that uses hexagonal design to prevent slipping or breaking (a common problem with many other brands). “The technology in HEX condoms make it a part of sex, instead of a barrier to it,” said Stu Nugent, co-creator of the firm Lelo that markets this item.

Get Eco-Friendly

Glyde, Sustain Natural, Sir Richard’s and L are all brands that protect the environment in one way or another. Glyde products, for instance, are vegan condoms—so no lambs have to be slaughtered to make lambskins. Sustain Natural condoms, on the other hand, are gluten, nitrosamine, and GMO-free. 

Beyond Condoms:

Baio concludes by suggesting that the future may bring more male contraceptive options: a male birth control pill, for example, or implants or injections of the type that women now take.

However, for the foreseeable future the condom may still be the cheapest, easiest and most effective thing to put on his thing, as well as a safe and pleasurable way to get busy with your longtime partner—or the hot guy you just met an hour ago in the nightclub.

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