5 Holistic Well-Being Keys for your Body and Soul – A Full integration

Holistic Well Being

You either like the idea of holistic well-being or you don’t, but there is no doubt that, today, it is proving to be a more integrated way of living that works towards an increased feeling of well-being. As emerging science shows how interconnected all of our body systems are, holistic well-being is proving to be […]

ZaZaZu’s Guide to Build Inner Confidence Day by Day

Confident Asian Lady

Having confidence isn’t a finish line you cross once, it is an ever-going process of your life. There will be days when you feel like you are back to square one. Or days when the confident train you are driving is just not moving forward because it co-exists with other people’s judgments. It is a […]

Get Your Mom GLOWING this Mother’s Day

Staycation | Self Care | Mother's Day

Enough of the brunch and dinner plans or even flowers, chocolates, and spa day – let Mom stay in bed this Mothers’ Day!   Think of it.. Moms have 1001 things to juggle on a day-to-day basis. When we asked our lovely mom-community, all of them said they’d love a day to themselves to just be […]

Sexercise for Beginners

Sexercise for Beginners

It gets hot and steamy when two parties get it on in bed. Beneath the perspiration is your muscles working hard as you get into the various poses. While you are game for a good sex between sheets, your muscles suddenly  begin to feel sore and give way. To make it worse, your partner (who […]

Tonic Foods for Vitality

Traditional Chinese Medicine tonics

Every woman has her own idea of which foods may increase vitality or be associated with health and wellness. Some of these foods were discovered from the ancient times and have been through good science to support them – for example, the aged old traditional turmeric and ginger tonic from the ancient Java times as […]