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The ZaZaZu team delivers online workshop and coaching physically in ASEAN and virtually across the globe.
All our coaches are licensed, verified and experienced. Get personalised coaching and packages at your convenience.

Industrial Expert Panel

Our experts run workshops helping professional women to better navigate through their challenges in the workplace and at home.

Jingjin Liu

Founder at ZaZaZu
Helping you to navigate through modern women’s challenge and build confidence in your competence.

Jingjin is the first personalized sexual wellness hub in Asia that synergizes education, consultation and digital services to empower women to own their sexuality with confidence.

Apart from ZaZaZu, Jingjin has co-founded ASBO Drives Technology Components GmBH, with roots in Germany and China. The company was successfully acquired by China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) in 2019. Prior to her entrepreneurial foray, she was also the first and youngest woman to become Global Marketing Director at WABCO, managing portfolios of up to USD800 million.

Jingjin is an active angel investor, board advisor, and Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD. Jingjin has just been awarded for LinkedIn Top Voice 2022 in Singapore.

Dr. Angela Tan

Doctor, Social Entrepreneur, Certified Intimacy Coach and Co-founder of Academy of Relationship and Sex
Helping you to build deeper, intimate connections with your loved ones and/or partner

Having co-founded 3 companies, sat on the board of advisors for a number of startups, and coached various C-suite executives, Dr. Angela discovered the one thing that prevents success – “passion”. When a person or a team is sold into their passion, they lose track of what happens in the real world and hang on to their beliefs. They lose their traction and fail to engage the world. The pandemic however triggered a new understanding of passion for Dr. Angela. Her previous executive clients started contacting her to sort out their relationship woes. The stress of the pandemic and working from home has caused previously unnoticed tension to the surface. Recognizing the new need in the market has spurred Dr. Angela to kick start the Academy of Relationship and Sex to help individuals and couples find their passion in love again.

Andrea Tan

Certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach | Sexual wellness educator | Sextech Consultant | Jade Yoni Egg educator
Helping individuals & couples with topics of love & sexual wellness with mind-body rewiring, jade yoni eggs & more

Erin Chen, MscMed

Founder of Gilly
Helping parents with young children to bring intimacy and desire back into everyday life

Erin Chen is an advocate for the inclusion of sexual wellness as part of everyday healthy living.

With her Masters degree in Sexual Health Counselling from the University of Sydney, she is passionate about helping people discover and explore intimacy & pleasure within themselves or with other(s).

Drawing on her experience as a trained sex & relationship counsellor, Erin founded Gilly, an intimacy wellness app for parents. Together with her co-founder Marzia Mura, they are on a mission to help couples with kids feel more like lovers than roommates and enjoy intimacy deeply in their daily life.

Dr. Loh Meng Woei

Helping you to remove self-limiting beliefs to break through blockages and pursue happiness.

Sara Tang

Certified Sex Coach, Sexologist, Education & Writer
Helping you discover your sexuality and sensuality at SaraSense

Growing up in a very religious family in Asia, Sara felt a lot of shame and guilt every time sex even crossed her mind…

Which as you can imagine, was quite a lot! I had so many questions, but no one to ask or talk to. So she decided to take matters into her own hands – quite literally – and embarked on her own sexual journey of trial-and-error.

Her first step into this exciting world was as a student of human sexuality at Stanford university. After graduating, she became an erotic writer and researcher.

In 2011, Sara founded passionately yours, a boutique selling sex toys and other adult accessories. As part of that business, she delivered workshops and events to hundreds of curious women in a safe, intimate space.

Sara’s philosophy was not just to sell sex toys but to give people the information and inspiration to live more pleasurable, passionate lives.

As a coach, what really lights her up is helping people with a limited sex education or culturally conservative upbringing become more confident with their sexuality.

Lacie Ong

ZaZaZu Feel-Good Consultant
Helping you to navigate life challenges with empathy and Chinese Metaphysics

Beatrix Eder

Accredited Associate Certified Coach

Helping leaders become more competent & confident in practicing Inclusive Leadership.

Beatrix is an accredited Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the ICF

The techniques she applies are from various disciplines such as Non Violent Communication, Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Therapy and Internal Family Systems, further underpinned by knowledge in brain anatomy & functioning to create impact.

Her specialties are: Coaching, Transformation, Leadership, Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Culture, Communication Skills, Body Language, Micro-expressions

CC. Corea

Transformation Strategist
Helping people to reprogram on the subconscious level of the mind by removing limiting beliefs and replacing them with self-empowering beliefs

CC. Correa is the #1 Transformation Strategist in Asia and Europe. CC’s work focuses on aligning the subconscious mind with people’s conscious goals to remove self-doubt, past traumas or even improve relationships.

This method basically unplugs negatives neural pathways creates new ones that will generate rapid and long-lasting change.
She has published her first book called “A Truth About…”. Upon its launch, the book soared straight to Amazon’s #1 Bestseller status in countries across three continents.

Helping organisations and individuals to unleash their true potentials

We help you to identify your relationship with your body & mind, challenge your self-limiting beliefs and build off of them.

“The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.”

– Roseanne Barr

The ZaZaZu team is here to help you to unleash that power within you confidently

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