Don’t Let Covid Stop Love!

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Our Pandemic Prisons 

This COVID-19 pandemic seems to grind on and on, with new rumors of a “second wave” approaching. Many or most of us remain under covid lockdown, practicing social distancing.

Yet, whether you’re sheltering alone or with a loving partner, there are still plenty of opportunities for sexual release—and that release could have plenty of amazing health benefits. Many of these benefits were outlined in an April 26 Huffington Post article by Brittany Wong, which we recap below. 

Don’t Let Covid Stop Love!

Get off the Web—and get into bed 

According to sex therapist Janet Brito, we need less movie streaming and more skin-on-skin time during this Covid crisis. In her words, “I have been encouraging my clients who live with their partners to limit their media intake and consider engaging in solo or partnered mindful sex activities.”

Brito explains that mindful sex involves searching for pleasure during these activities, without any goal—such as orgasm—in mind. With this approach to intimacy, Brito thinks that pandemic sex could actually be a great physical and mental boost. 

Brito’s suggestions are backed up by Elizabeth (24), a teacher from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She says that she and her husband have used the COVID-19 crisis to overindulge themselves sexually. “We’re both really embracing this as time together rather than using it to stress out,” she comments.

Megan (20) from Minneapolis feels similarly, adding that living under lockdown with her fiancé has provided them ample time to keep the bed springs creaking. 

Sex keeps you alive 

These couples are not just gaining pleasure, but mental and physical health, by their time under the sheets. For instance, a Wilkes University study found that students who had sex at least twice a week had higher levels of Immunoglobulin A (IgA) , a major protective antibody of the respiratory system. Sex therapist  Shannon Chavez says that, in addition to that, sex helps the body release toxins and pent-up tension. 

Even kissing/cuddling helps 

Due to the pandemic, Nina, a young mother from Manila, says she is less focused on trying to have a second baby with her husband and more on just enjoying light intimacy—hugging and spooning—now.

And she has good reasons: science indicates that simple cuddling and kissing can lower stress, reduce the risk of heart disease, and provide other health benefits. Just kissing for about 30 minutes can reduce one’s susceptibility to allergies. 

Masturbation (with or without a partner) is awesome 

Brito points out that masturbation can be a stress killer, whether you are with a partner, single, or somewhere in between. In fact, single people may have a little more leeway than others, since they have more time and space to indulge in and share erotic fantasy, content, and images. 

Not in the mood?  That’s okay….but

Researchers are finding that some people are losing their sex drives during the pandemic. While of course no one should be pushed into sex, Brito and others caution that those who slide into abstinence could be missing out on a great tension reducer and health booster. If nothing else, sex is simply a great way to kill time.

So let’s get going: stay healthy and stay sexual (Covid or not)

Although it may seem counterintuitive, singles, couples, and others should plan to stay sexually active—in some form or other—during the COVID-19 crisis. There are just too many great physical, mental, and relationship benefits that you otherwise miss out on.

Staying sexual could mean different things for different people. Maybe you’re a single who wants to spice things up with a new toy. Or maybe you’re part of a couple who can suffice with some extended cuddling, kissing or mutual masturbation at the end of a long day working remotely and taking care of kids. Choose the road that suits you best and get going! 

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