Establishing a safe workplace for women


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About this workshop

"Death by a thousand papercuts"

Day-by-day, slight-by-slight, microaggressions can feel like “death by a thousand papercuts.” Given that most folks spend the majority of their lives at work, microaggressions in the workplace have a profound impact on people’s mental, spiritual, and even physical health.

Microaggressions happen everywhere, including at work. We may call microaggressions “micro” aggressions, but their cumulative impact can be measured on a “macro” scale.

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Workshop Outcomes

Better Understanding

A better understanding of the various types of micro aggressions and how it manifests in the workplace.

Taking Accountability

Taking accountability & action for instances of unconscious micro aggression in the workplace.

Managing Through

Managing through micro aggressions when they surface in order to protect oneself & the company culture.

Creating a Safe Space

Being able to create a safe space that encourages inclusivity and diversity among women, races, and gender identity.

The struggles of finding diversity & inclusion

An Asian-American woman born in America may hear such phrases when she expresses offense at the question: “Where are you really from?”

A Black man’s hurt may be belittled when he’s told he’s “overreacting” when a co-worker calls him “one of the good ones.”

And someone from the LGBTQIA+ community may be considered overly sensitive if they get fired up when someone remarks: “That’s so gay!

Fighting against unconscious microaggression

Most of the time, it’s true that the speaker has no intention of causing offense or pain.

People are often unaware of how their words or actions impact the recipient, whose experiences differ so much from their own.

But regardless of intention, these instances of “microaggressions” have real effects on people’s lives. Much like unconscious biases, being unaware isn’t an excuse for perpetuating harmful behaviors or beliefs.

Workshop Moderator

Jingjin Liu

Awarded as one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices 2022, Jingjin advocates in helping modern women navigate through their daily challenges especially in the workplace. She tackles topics on:

— Micro aggression & Sexism in the Workplace
— Building Confidence in Competence
— Female Health
— Relationships

As an entrepreneur with a deep passion for positive impact, she aims to empower women to their own narrative both in the bedroom and the boardroom.

*Booking is only an introduction call. The actual workshop will be defined with the client afterwards.

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