Get Your Mom GLOWING this Mother’s Day

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Enough of the brunch and dinner plans or even flowers, chocolates, and spa day – let Mom stay in bed this Mothers’ Day!  

Think of it.. Moms have 1001 things to juggle on a day-to-day basis.

When we asked our lovely mom-community, all of them said they’d love a day to themselves to just be in bed to practically do nothing or rather chill out by themselves because that makes them feel great and recharged! 

What better day than Mother’s Day to grant them this wish?!

So hang on there, when we heard that, it made total sense to us(If you’re thinking of a list of skincare products we will be sharing up next then I’m afraid you’re not at the right site). Let’s get you back on track with us! 

Remember walking in the office or meeting your girlfriends and someone tells you you’re GLOWING? Please, of course, tell me you know why. Most times we hear from moms that there’s not much time to get a little kinky or even have a quickie. Often, most mothers deep down also share that they are “tired”. All of this is making our moms lose their glow! 

I guess by now you know where we are coming from. It’s orgasms that keep that glow on every beautiful woman after some pleasure. When a woman experiences orgasms, her body releases nitric acid which increases blood flow which then leaves her with a flushed face known as the “Afterglow”. 

This Mother’s day, ZaZaZu wants you to encourage Mom to own her pleasure.  Let her be in her pj’s, remind her to lock the door, and go get a babysitter if needed! 

We’ve chosen some of the best gifts to make sure Mom gets her GLOW:

#1 – Iroha Temari Intimate Vibrator Massager: Kaze

Featuring a powerful motor housed in a case specially designed to reduce vibration transmission to the holder, the temari lets you lose yourself in the art of pleasure. It makes a good general massager as well! 

Iroha Temari Kaze

#2 – Diamond Vibrator

A gorgeous decor piece – it not only gives your bedroom a royalty feel but also has a secret function to give you that pleasure in luxurious waves. She might even think it’s a pretty display piece! 

#3 – Crave Necklace

This is especially for fashionable moms. Crave Necklace is a 2-in-1 item, stylish accessory, and vibrator at the same time. Self-pleasure has never been so sleek!  It’s selling fast, so grab it now!

#4 – Rianne S Heart Vibe French Rose

This sweetheart vibrator makes pleasure oh so smooth and gives twice the orgasms. Mom might think it’s a compact mirror or even chocolate. Let her figure it out! 

#5 – Womanizer x Liberty Lily Allen Edition

For the hip and the bold moms that simply knows. Endorsed by Lily Allen, Womanizer™ Liberty Vibrator comes with a variety of heads.

Prepare to be surprised by Mom’s reaction and you know you can wing it if it gets a little intense. We’d suggest sending this message to mom – “Find your GLOW with this little gift I got you.” 


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