Female Self-Pleasure – 5 Great Benefits to Joy & Healing Power

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Female Self-Pleasure - 5 Great Benefits to Joy & Healing Power

Every woman knows that touching yourself feels good, and bringing yourself to intimate peaks results in a cascade of magic. In fact, we’ve known female self-pleasure since at least puberty.

We have thousands of nerve endings in our private areas that give us far more explosive sensations than men. As a certified sex therapist and sexologist Jenni Skyler said, “Really give yourself permission for (self) pleasure so that when you do experience the physical benefits, you can actually bask in them.”

And bask we should. But peaking isn’t just about feeling good. There are so many personal, mental, and physiological reasons that every woman should make it a regular part of her life.

Female Self-Pleasure is Empowering:

Cognitive neuroscientist Nan Wise calls self-pleasure empowering since it lets you take full control of your sexual experience. You do not have to wait on a man. Instead, you take charge and create guidance from the first moments of the journey.

It’s self-informative:

Each intimate peak is a learning experience, as you freely explore your own body and understand what drives you to your highest sensations.

It’s couple-bonding:

Knowledge gained through this experience can be applied not only to future self-pleasuring in solo situations, but also to those where you have a partner.

By then you’ll know what feels good, and can guide your man along the paths he needs to take with you. You can even learn to self-pleasure when with your partner, which often intensely raises the level of intimacy during the act.

It’s relaxing:

Studies show pleasuring oneself relieves pent-up stress from a busy day at the office, with the kids, or running errands. Northwestern University Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctor Lauren Streicher notes that the act is a distinct de-stressor and sleep aid.

This is outlined in detail in her book Sex Rx: Hormones Health And Your Best Sex Ever. Dr. Streicher writes that the act makes a woman feel calm and satisfied, priming her for an easy drift off into sleep after what otherwise may have been a tough day.

Dr. Wendie Trubow (MD, Obstetrics, and Gynecology), President of Five Journeys Medicine and Wellness Provider, concurs with this, saying that the act generates endorphins that reduce stress.

Taboos Are Breaking

Even in the West, female self- pleasure is still a sensitive topic, and its practice is somewhat rare. According to Indiana University, only 7.9% of American women aged 25-29 regularly commit the act, while 23.4% of men do. Outside the West, female self-pleasure is assumed to be even rarer.

Yet, women scientists, doctors, counselors, and other experts worldwide are working to change this reality, so that more women can readily gain from the clear benefits of enjoying their own bodies.

Women’s Mental Health Expert Kelley Kitely said that a lot of women are embarrassed by the act. In an interview, she stated, “My hope is that we can normalize this for women, too, because it’s such a natural function. I like to refer to it [being something as natural ] as eating, sleeping, and brushing our teeth.”

The Toys and Service Options are Better:

Modern female aids and accessories are especially technologically crafted by medical experts with the female body in mind. Moreover, women now have an incredible choice of toys from which to choose, and ways to receive these toys in discreet packaging.


Of course, all this research and expert guidance tell us what we already know: self-pleasure is wonderful for the body, the mind, and the soul—and even helps us become better partners, wives, and mothers.

The old restrictions and taboos on the topics are falling away, and new opportunities are emerging for embracing female self-pleasure for the magic that it is.

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