How Does Meditation Help Gain Better Sex?

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When it comes time for meditation, no matter how established your meditative practice is, sometimes you can use a little extra inspiration to deepen your practice. For example, adding the use of crystals during meditation can serve as a powerful tool to enhance your practice. 

A lot of women in Singapore recognize the importance of crystals during meditation to cultivate a relaxed state and increase awareness of themselves and their surroundings. It is from this practice that mindfulness is birthed. But that’s not where the perks end; a study suggests that mindfulness may boost your sex drive, bring you closer to your partner, and lead to better orgasms. 

So before you read on, we thought you might like to gather a few stones and take your newfound habit in a sexier direction.

#1 – Use of crystal

How Does Meditation Help Gain Better Sex?

Choosing the crystal that aligns with better sex and more orgasms is essentially your goal here. But what exactly to choose if you are unsure of the significance of each crystal? Do you use your intuition or just find the one that “vibes” with you in the moment? The trick is in knowing each aphrodisiac stone and their versatility. Fret not as we have bundled up 6 of these crystals just for you:

  • Red Jasper: Ignites erotic energy, brings back a zest for life
  • Red Tiger’s Eye: Removes sexual blocks, re-energizes and heal our body
  • Citrine: Recharges energy, releases negativity
  • Serpentine: Brings back lust, enhances sensibility
  • Yellow Jasper: Boosts stamina, maximises physical performance
  • Smoky Quartz: Boosts your libido, relieves stress

It is not surprising that in addition to instilling sex, intimacy and libido, crystals also have an impact on healing. This is vital for sexuality because it helps you eliminate frustration and anger prior to sexy times in the bedroom. Thanks to Kristal Takata, Passion Members may now take time to peruse their collection with a 10% discount. For Prestige Members, visit Kristal Takata today and get your crystal set free! Really.   

#2 – Frequency

How Does Meditation Help Gain Better Sex?

In a crazy, fast-paced world, slowing down your mind is difficult. It is also not something we do all that often to discover our own thoughts, feelings and desires. Instead of spending so much time focusing on the world around us, why not spend a good 40-45 minutes a day in meditation to let your inner adventurer roam free? For years, daily meditation has been known to be the gateway to sexual prowess and amazing sex. This is incredibly true due to two reasons – mindfulness and stress reduction. 

Women who practice mindfulness daily are not only able to last much longer during intercourse but also have more control over her orgasms. In addition, they also get turned on more easily. Why? Because meditation teaches you to focus intently on what you are doing. By practicing this, you gain meditative focus which further makes your senses blaze. The result is a more sensual experience as you are better able to tune in to the different touches and be more present.

But what about stress reduction? How is it linked to better sex? Most women can agree that sex is stressful when one’s mind is too preoccupied with things like the dirty dishes or the kids’ homework. And it definitely does not align with creating mindfulness. Not only that, it also increases cortisol and adrenaline levels, which are responsible for your stress, among other negative effects. Therefore a 45-minute of meditation a day may help to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and reduce stress hormones significantly. The result? You are more likely to stay and play. 

#3 – Posture

How Does Meditation Help Gain Better Sex?

There is a reason why almost every meditative posture since the beginning of time has some sort of purpose, that is, to help you stay awake. It is not always the easiest posture to follow but when done correctly can have big benefits for your sex life. When you start to meditate, you could sit on a folded-up pillow or take a blanket and fold it up. You want something that is firm and grounded so your hips can be higher than your knees. You also want to have your spine straight, almost as if there is like a little string pulling the crown of your head towards the ceiling. Once you attain this posture, simply rest your hands on the legs with shoulders stacked pretty much on top of the hips.

The purpose of this seated posture is so that you can drift into your conscious head space and be more attentive and aware and improve your mental focus at the same time. For starters, you may opt to have a meditation teacher to practice your meditation with to better improve your posture and techniques. 

#4 – Best places for meditation

How Does Meditation Help Gain Better Sex?

The best places to meditate don’t always have to be daunting mountains and formidable jungles. Sometimes all we need is a quiet room or a place near rivers, streams and fountains. A garden or a park with fresh air and bird song definitely counts too! There are plenty of other good choices out there offering surprising benefits for your every meditation. 

The fact that choosing a place that isn’t too noisy may improve your meditation definitely rings true. Once in a while, changing your meditation venue from indoor to outdoor or vice versa is also a good idea. Whatever you choose to do, just don’t forget to go further in your quest for awareness and centering your deepest meditation intentions. 

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