Sex Life: 6 Useful Tips Every Woman Should Know

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Sex Life: 6 Useful Tips Every Woman Should Know

Great sex life not only makes a woman feel good but contributes to her physical and mental health. Experts in this area offer insight as to how a woman can make this happen more easily and regularly.

1. Know What You Need—and Let Your Partner Know

New York City psychotherapist Ian Kerner suggests a woman first know what she wants, and have the boldness to articulate that to her man. This includes not only physical positions, but fantasies, dreams, and even conversations that you find arousing. Harvard Medical School recommends reading aloud arousing stories or literature to make communication easier and sex life happier.

2. Get Focused – Even for A Healthy Sex Life

According to Dr. Lori Brotto at the University of British Columbia, “Our brains get very good at being in many different places at once, and it turns out that that’s actually really bad for sex.”

She continues, “Sex requires concentration and attentional mechanisms, and so unless women are deliberately paying attention to the present moment, their mind will continue to do what it does in much of the rest of their day, which is move.” She further notes that distraction during sex can make it hard to climax.

3. Choose the Right Setting

Ani Chen, an Oakland, California licensed marriage therapist, says that women should “choose environments that you feel safe and stimulated.” She says that women should pick quiet environments with all cell phones off, doors locked, and music or other sense-arousing elements in play.”

Imagine adorning your room with candles and soft lighting with sensual music in the background. You are dressed in silky lingerie and slowly sipping a glass of red wine, savouring the sweet and rich taste with your tongue…you get the drift! 

4. Be Fine with Your Body

Duke Medical School lecturer Laurie J. Watson says that women have to feel good about their bodies. She notes that it’s important for women to feel good about how they look and feel, and that includes things such as weight, height, and other body aspects.

She says that dissatisfaction with one’s own body, especially if accompanied by negative thoughts, can dampen the desire for sex and affect sex life in the long run. She encourages women to cultivate a good self-image and believe their partners when they say they find them attractive.

5. Feel Confident in Your Relationship

It’s intuitive that a stronger relationship, with partners confident in it, will lead to better sex. Interestingly, enough, the reverse is also true: good sex will make you more confident in the relationship: the two forms a virtuous cycle. This comes from a joint study conducted by researchers at York University, University of Lausanne, and the Université de Fribourg.

Family and marriage therapist Amanda Pasciucco explain why: “Sex makes you happier,” she said. “It lifts your endorphin levels by putting more dopamine and oxytocin into your brain. If you have sex with your partner, it makes you feel happier and closer to them. Having sex is the best way to develop intimacy with a partner. Especially talking about it before and after.”

6. Get the Tools to Make it Great

Medical experts further note that gels that provide extra lubrication and vibrators and massagers that keep the vaginal tissues healthy and toned are some of the aids that help make sex more comfortable and enjoyable. Practicing Kegel exercises is also an excellent way to strengthen your pelvic floor area.

In summary, take your sex life into your own hands, and with these handy tips, you can upgrade your life both inside and outside the bedroom. As the saying goes, what you believe yourself about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside. We hope this information is useful and will help you get started on this empowering journey. 

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