Top 12 intimate products for a playful 12.12

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We have curated 12 intimate products for 12.12. Time for you to explore … and rediscover yourself.

In this festive season, you have been probably exposed to a lot of products. Between 11.11, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and others, you have most likely seen many interesting products and your head must be spinning at this very moment. Do not panic, we have done the hard work of finding the best 12 products to prepare for the upcoming 12.12. Those 12 products have been carefully curated by us for you. We have selected the most interesting, discreet and pleasurable products you can find online right now.

Top 12 intimate products for a playful 12.12

Blending fashion, femininity, engineering, and design, our aim in ZaZaZu is to find sexual enhancer/intimacy amplifier, also known as “sex toys”  that are not just functional, but seductive in their own right. Sexual desire manifested to inspire positive and confident sexuality.
“The clitoris is the only feature of the human anatomy whose sole function is to convey messages of sensual pleasure. Use it wisely, often, and with care.”

#1 – Diamonds Are Girls Best Friends

This diamond really is a girl’s best friend! Discover new angles of pleasure with this classy “vibrating diamond” (both waterproof and rechargeable). 

A big plus point of this vibe’s modern design is that it can be left out in the open and the average passerby won’t even suspect a thing! For those out there who want to get something special for their lady:  this makes a fantastic gift to heighten her pleasure and with you too! <hint hint>

#2 – Crave Necklace

A powerful little intimate product that works like a charm? It’s both! Think Pandora with a sensual feel…uh hmm…you get the drift!

This sleek baby is nothing like other wearable vibrators that fall short in the areas of both style and personal pleasure. Crave created the Vesper with one idea in mind: You can have the best of both worlds! Match this chic accessory to any outfit – your clit will thank you for it!

#3 – Rianne S Icons Diamond Cuffs

Diamonds are cold sparkly stones but these Rianne S Icons Diamond Handcuffs Liz are a different story!

Guaranteed to keep things hot and steamy in the bedroom and beyond. These diamond-like handcuffs are the perfect tools to tie up your lover and put her under pleasurable arrest!

#4 – Rianne S Soiree Ana’s Trilogy Set

Who said three is a crowd? We say the more the merrier! Named after the mother of all goddesses, Ana’s Trilogy from RIANNE S awakens your inner goddess from deep slumber.

Lose control with these sophisticated and royalty-feel female products from RIANNE S! Awaken your hidden desires again, be confident in your own skin, and exude your pure sexuality with this new intimate product.

#5 – Rianne S Heart Vibe French Rose

This adorable Heart vibe will re-ignite the flame again! The shocking pink colour makes it sweet and passionate at the same time. This petite heart-shaped clitoral vibrator is as smooth as shea butter and twice as pleasurable. It makes the perfect gift for lovers and lends a sensual look to your bedroom.

This 10-speed vibrator has a powerful motor and is made from medical grade silicone. Comes with 3 different speeds and 7 pulsing patterns – it will transport you to a drowning sea of decadence and heated breaths!

Designed to be discreet despite having a cheeky and vogue packaging, this intimate product is compact enough to keep in your handbag; good for that much needed solo and/ or dual quickie! Pleasure is just a heartbeat away.

#6 – Tenga Iroha Plus Kushi Nezumi Silicone Clitoral Massager 

Inspired by the cherry blossom spring season, Japan’s most famous intimate product brand Tenga has given some of its most popular vibrator models a redesign in the beautiful floral color of “nadeshiko.”

Tenga Iroha Plus Kushi Nezumi Silicone Clitoral Massager’s Nadeshiko Color translates to “comb mouse”; a gentle creature with graceful outer ribs that will tickle sensual buds. Waterproof and smooth to touch, it has a two-button control panel to adjust vibrations precisely to your or your partner’s liking.

Manufactured with a stronger motor, it comes with 5 vibration strengths and 2 rhythm patterns. Its waterproof function means you can enjoy it even in the bath. Time for that water play!

Designed for easy and ergonomic use, you can charge Iroha Plus by simply placing it in its magnetic-charing case! You can also easily store the item to enjoy pleasure without fuss. Pleasure has never been so simple!

#7 – Tenga Iroha Ukidama Take or Hoshi or Hana Floating Bathlight Vibrator

With the pandemic ongoing for a prolonged period of time with no end in sight, it is an understatement to say that people are managing stress well among the various situations of working from home, forced self-isolation or even those who are working in the essential services industry.

Here comes three new intimate product variants, the Tenga Iroha Ukidama Take or Hoshi or Hana Floating Bathlight Vibrator to the rescue! Ukidama means “floating ball” or “floating ball of light” in Japanese and is a two-in-one bath item; combining mood-making and relaxation in a compact and visually pleasing form.

With its bath light and massage functions, Tenga Iroha Ukidama is an item that can be used for pleasure and self-care during bath time. Float it in your bathtub and relax with its gentle alluring light, or use it as a massage device with vibration to ease your fatigue away. You can even use it for self-pleasure, bringing your bath time to the climax!

The Tenga Iroha Ukidama has a total of four light patterns, which rotates by pushing the light button at its base. Pushing the vibration button also rotates through four patterns – soft, medium, intense and a pulse pattern creating pleasure continuously, wave after wave.

Comes with 3 designs, each with a different base color and decorative pattern carved into the light housing: TAKE (bamboo), HOSHI (star) and HANA (flower).

#8 – Rianne S Essentials Bella Mini Body Wand French Rose or Coral or Deep Purple

Bella – the Italian word for beautiful; this will make you the become the Emily Rose of orgasms. That is exactly how you will feel using the Bella Mini Body Wand by RIANNE S, because orgasms do make you feel magically beautiful and empowered.

Designed for easy use with a very powerful motor, Bella is the darling of orgasms. With just one button, you can navigate 10 unique vibration modes. It is also waterproof and can be used during bath time, transporting you into the land of magic whenever your heart desires.

The perfect intimate product for collectors, or anyone looking for a luxury gift, this waterproof body wand comes in an exquisite hexagonal gift box. Use it for solo play, foreplay, and impromptu thrills!

#9 – Womanizer x Liberty Lily Allen Edition

Endorsed by Lily Allen, Womanizer™ Liberty comes in a loud Neon Pink Orange Skin. 

Packaged in a beautiful, colorful box featuring Lily Allen’s autograph with Womanizer # IMASTURBATE Campaign theme; which is freeing and empowering women to love yourselves.

The heads come in a variety of sizes – something which is extremely unusual with intimate products. It will enable you to fit the toy snug and tight and due to its sonic technology of air, pulsation and vibration; the clitoral stimulation and sensation is similar to oral sex, making it highly popular.

Comes with 2 settings to adjust the intensity to your preferred degree, this intense baby is quiet enough to give you that window of privacy if you are not staying alone. Hmmm…using it with other people in the house, it definitely brings the arousal and pleasure up a notch!

#10 – Svakom Winni Wearable Remote Control Clitoris Stimulating Vibrating Penis Ring Violet

Introducing SVAKOM’s Winni: a wireless vibrating cock ring designed for men and couples with an adventurous side. Winni not only prolongs a man’s stamina but it also helps to stimulate a woman’s clitoris. By limiting blood flow, it will increase the man’s pleasure during masturbation.

Svakom Winni is splashproof and easy to clean. Having one of the strongest vibrations out there, it comes with 5 different intensities and 5 modes plus the Svakom Intelligent mode; giving users 26 different ways to reach never ending paradise. Winni is quieter than a ticking clock and you can enjoy it without worrying about alerting others. Oops…did I just say that aloud?

#11 – Rocks-Off Opulent Pleasures Coco 10 Speed Mini Vibe 3.75 Inch

Rocks-Off 10 Speed Opulent Pleasures Coco Bullet Vibe 3.75 Inch is a must have to your pleasure wardrobe!

Exquisitely feminine and naturally tantalising, it makes you fall into sinful pleasure with each deep and sleek vibration of the discrete Opulent bullets. A pleasure sniper – it hits intensely and down to the T; driving you into senseless gratification. Time for that delightful indulgence!

#12 – Rocks-Off Truly Yours Rouge Allure 10 Functions 160 MM Vibrator

If Rocks-Off 10 Speed Opulent Pleasures Coco Bullet Vibe is the pleasure sniper, Rocks-Off Truly Yours Rouge Allure 10 Functions 160 MM Vibrator is the passion dynamite!

Its stunning red colour will flame your passion to the next level, you can almost sniff it in the air. This is the tip of the iceberg; every single potent vibration seduces your body into tingles of pure orgasmic pleasure, taking the romance and passion up a notch! Good for foreplay or that little weekend play where you want to romance your partner!

Pleasure is not a sin; it is a way of unleashing our true selves, being comfortable in our naked skin. Sexuality is the catalyst to liberation and empowerment, it clothes us with confidence and brings about positive change not only in ourselves but with our loved ones too!

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