Yes, Women Can “Get Hard” – 5 Useful Facts

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Yes, Women Can “Get Hard” - 5 Useful Facts

Terms such as “erection”  or the more colloquial “get hard” or  “boner” are normally associated with the penis, although Americans have coined the slang “lady boner” to refer to female arousal.

That slang is actually grounded in science, however, since, as Doula and sexual wellness specialist Natasha Weiss note, women also become “erect” when aroused.

Biology of Female Erectile Tissue

To be more specific, women have erectile tissue around the clitoral area, the labia minora, and vestibular bulbs, which, when combined, is approximately as much as the male erectile tissue. When aroused, this area receives a surge of blood, much as the penis does.

The famed Beverly Hills surgeon Doctor Elist goes into more specifics, noting that the corpus cavernosum clitoridis becomes full during arousal, resulting in what is the female equivalent of an erection so yes, having a woman get hard is not impossible.

Female Potential for High-Quality Orgasms (at any age)

While the amount of female erectile tissue is roughly equivalent to the male, there are important differences. As the National Center for Biotechnology Information notes, “Women do not have a refractory period after each orgasm and can, therefore, experience multiple orgasms. Clitoral sexual response and the female orgasm are not affected by aging.” In simpler terms, women can climax multiple times during sex, and can do so at age 19 or 90.

Beyond Biology: cuddles and conversations

Weiss advises that female erection and orgasm are not just about biology. For a woman to reach these kinds of sexual peaks, she must feel comfortable, and be with a partner who makes her feel safe and warm. Plenty of foreplay is usually required.

Weiss gives specific advice on what that can mean: “Foreplay is the key here. Foreplay can mean a lot of things. It can mean setting the space. It can mean loving language with your partner for a few days before even engaging in sexual activities. It can mean slowing down to cuddle, to do sensual, grounded pleasures with your partner like nature walks and cooking.”

Ready to Peak and Get Hard?

Women have all the biological equipment to not only reach orgasms, but do so more frequently than men and at any age. However, it is important to choose the right partner, setting, and mood. Women who still find themselves coming up short in their search for orgasms can consider sexual toys, consult sex therapists, or explore other options

FemTech and SexTech have opened up a range of options and possibilities for women to explore and things can only get hard and better. To do so, all it requires is that women be willing to have an open mind and own their pleasure.

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